We support news organizations as they build trusted relationships with their communities. We believe that sustainability requires news organizations to build a culture of listening, which promotes empathy, strengthens reporting and improves trust. Our initiatives, training and resources help news organizations to build actionable and long-lasting strategies for community engagement.

Trusting News

Trusting News, an independent project and a frequent partner of API, aims to demystify trust in news and empower journalists to demonstrate credibility and actively earn trust. In a continual cycle of research, learning and sharing with the industry, they explore how to incorporate trust-building into journalism’s standards and practices.

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Icon Civic Discourse and Democracy

We work to ensure all people have the information they need to make decisions and thrive.

Icon Culture and Inclusion

We mentor journalism professionals toward integrating diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in every aspect of their work.

We provide news organizations with the tools and resources they need to think creatively and achieve overall wellness.