The National Association Law Students (NALS) in their press statement sighted by News Cencord, suggests, among others, that the undertaking to be signed by prospective law students who wish to register for entrance exams is illegal.

The undertaking signed by a law students means that, the law students cannot challenge the results of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) of the General Legal Council (GLC).

In the same statement, NALS stated emphatically that the undertaking is an aberration of Legal Profession (Professional Law and Post-Call Law Courses) Regulations 2018 (LI2355).

According to NALS, there is no provision in the LI 2355 that there must be an undertaking in the form and substance restraining a challenge of results, if a student thinks his/her failure is intentional or has occasioned by mistake.

It is submitted for the record that, last year out of 1820 students who sat for the entrance examination, only 128 passed and or entered the Ghana School of Law. This brought a number of demonstrations by the law students; resulting in several beatings by the Ghana Police and the security forces.

Below is the full statement:



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