A former Minister of Defense, Dr. Benjamin Kumbour has disclosed that agitations surrounding the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy) stem from hardships in the country and many other things.

Ghanaians have largely expressed opposition to the E-Levy since it was announced by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta in the 2022 Budget Statement presented to Parliament on November 17.

Although a section wants the 1.75% levy reduced, the larger population of the people in opposition to the levy wants it scrapped.

Sharing his thoughts on the matter, Dr. Benjamin Kumbour says he is convinced Ghanaians are not only against the 2022 budget because of the E-Levy.

According to him, the hardship in the country is a major factor but Ghanaians are riding on the e-levy to drum home their displeasure.

“That particular levy I can tell you is just a metaphor for a bigger issue. The bigger issue is the relative hardship in the country. So, people will always look for the weakest link as the basis or point of reference. But I think it’s an amalgamation of so many things within the economy that is generating this whirlwind of agitation,” the former Defense Minister shared in a conversation on Asaase Radio.

He continued, “And the ordinary people will always reduce it to ‘things are difficult’, everybody says that but they’re just picking the idea of the E-Levy which is not too novel but because of its prominence now.”

The urge to have the E-Levy scrapped from the 2022 budget held by the Minority.

The group has been fighting the Majority in Parliament and has given Ghanaians the assurance that they will not relent until the draconian levy is removed by the government.


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