Erosion has taken over the road to Mozano SHS
Road to Mozano SHS

It’s obvious that it is through education we gain some knowledge and grow in society.

There are many things that indirectly influence our performance at school, I will mention the facilities. If the road leading to a school can be this bad, how can the parents feel comfortable to trust that the wards are doing something better at school, how would the students feel seeing this unsafe road before they enter their school?

The pictures are the road to a notable school in Gomoa Eshiem of Gomoa West- Central Region, Mozano Senior High School. The school is doing well by standards but my focus is how unsafe the road to enter the school is.

That road can cause accidents, panic, injuries when fallen inside at night. No doubt that it is disturbing to some students, community members and old students as well. 

A conversation with a man interested in the school (old student as such) expresses how inconvenient it is to him to see a road leading to a high in that state.

He added how it will get worse if not attended to which can cause more damage in the future time. My question is, should we wait till things get deteriorated?


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