According to the Association, mortuaries in Ghana make huge sums of money and using just one percent of the monies for maintenance will make a difference.

“For over 35 to 40-years the situation hasn’t changed and is worsening and it is not only Korle-Bu that we have such a mess. I have always advocated maintenance. Some people have got their own idea of protecting themselves and job security forgetting that they are exposing others to health and safety issues.

“This is where I have a problem. Last year alone we lost almost 20 of our members and it is possible that it’s through infection and these types of things that is making them die. So it’s difficult, especially being their General Secretary. It is actually a nightmare for me,” the General Secretary for Mortuary Workers’ Association of Ghana, Richard Kofi Jordan told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Wednesday May 4, 2022.

He continued “Because workers there are paid by the government, it is not Korle-Bu or any other person who pays them. So what do you use the money for? This is my position.”

GHOne TV in an exposé uncovered the deplorable condition of the Korle-Bu Mortuary in Accra.

In the report, reporter Godwin Asediba filmed and exposed the bad working condition of workers and the terrible condition of the morgue for Ghana’s premier Hospital.

The General Secretary alleged that there are some persons canvassing for some mortuaries in the country to be privatized.

“Some people have got the idea that we cannot be able to manage it so we can give out and while they are still at home they can still be making some money. Look, we are becoming sick of this type of leadership.

“Ghanaians have to appreciate that people are not thinking about our welfare at all. They are only interested in how they can milk people and put money into their pocket. Because it doesn’t make sense for a whole facility of this nature to be in this mess in the 21st Century. It doesn’t make sense, this is slavery to my understand,” Mr. Jordan disclosed


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