Gurumanchagyili community school in bad state
Gurumanchagyili community school

A six classroom block at a community called Gurumanchagyili in the Tolon district in the northern region is in a bad state.

The only six classroom block caters for a large number of pupils from Kindergarten, Nursery, and Primary.

Further, there is lack of furniture as you can see in the pictures. Several requests have been made to the District for support but to no avail. Pupils are now forced to sit on the ground for lessons.

The school is populated as it is being used by three villages namely Dundo, Sibgungyili, and Gurumanchagyili.

So support is needed for buildings, furniture, and toilets because the one available is used by both the staffs and the pupils.

The people are saying they would not be happy for their wards to come back in 2021 to continue staying in those conditions to learn.


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