Ransford Gyampo, an associate professor in the political science department of the University of Ghana has suggested to the government to introduce what he describes as ” near price control.”

Gyampo believes this will help alleviate the plight of consumers following the recent hike in prices of goods on the market.

“Times are hard but this must not be licentious for unpatriotic people to inflict more hardships by charging exorbitant prices on everything. I call for some monitoring and near price control, as the market forces aren’t working,” he posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile a cross section of Ghanaians have expressed worry at the high cost of goods and services on the market.

Prices are skyrocketing ooo…it’s not even funny.

Ecomini forcing all of us to start slimming course.

It’s about time we introduce the weighing scale just like our neighbouring countries. The olonka and bucket system is not helping. Ghana Standards Authority.

I bought 3 tomatoes for 5 cedis today 😢.

Sister prices have doubled and tripled ooo hmmm God is in control

This matter. I wanted to get a carton of milk for my family. I asked, they mentioned the price. I thanked the woman and just waka pass. Ei.


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