The police is yet to provide details about how the fetish priest is linked to the murder

A traditional priestess linked to the murder of an 11-year-old boy at Kasoa for ritual purposes, has been arrested by the police in the Central Region.

She was arrested at Amanase near Suhum in the Eastern Region.

Her details are yet to be made public by the police.

Meanwhile, the family of the victim are also clamouring for the body for burial in accordance with Islamic tenets.

The two teen suspects who have been arrested by the police for killing the little boy confessed to being inspired to commit the crime after watching a spiritualist on TV talk about how people could be millionaires through such means, the fact sheet of the case has revealed.

The suspects, Felix Nyarko, 15, and Nicholas Kini, 17, allegedly conspired to kill the Class Four pupil of the Maranatha School, Ishmael Mensah, at about 10 a.m. on Holy Saturday.

According to the facts of the case as presented by the prosecutor, Inspector Japhet Agyeman, Nyarko got the idea from watching the TV spiritualist and sold the plan to his accomplice Kini, who said he knew a different spiritualist in the Volta Region who could help them.

The spiritualist they contacted asked them for a human sacrifice and a sum of GHS5,000.

“For some time now, the 1st accused [Felix Nyarko] has been watching Ghana Television channels that entertain mallams and other spiritualists to promote their prowess in making people instant millionaires.

“He informed the 2nd accused [Nicholas Kini] who advised that there is a certain spiritualist in Volta Region who can do it for them.

The “2nd accused, who is not having a phone, provided the phone number of the said spiritualist to the 1st accused, who has access to his mother’s phone.

“After contacting the said spiritualist, she agreed to help if only they can provide a human being and cash sum of GHS5,000 for the rituals,” portions of the police fact sheets revealed.

According to the fact sheet, the teen suspects first planned kidnapping the now-deceased boy for a GHS5,000 ransom from his parents so they could present the money to the spiritualist but aborted that plot.

In a related development, the Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr Clement Apaak, has said the National Media Commission (NMC) and the National Communication Authority (NCA) must take the greater blame for the content put out or allowed on some TV and radio stations that have contributed to the believability by impressionable teenagers that it is possible to get rich via rituals and without handwork.

Contributing to the ongoing discussion on the moral decadence and the get-rich-quick attitude that has permeated the Ghanaian society, Dr Apaak, who is also the Deputy Ranking Member of the Committee on Education and former member of the NMC, noted in a Facebook post that considering the means the boys chose to get rich quick, the NMC and the NCA should take the blame, since they allow content of that nature on radio and TV.

“Put on your TV this evening after 8 pm and flip through the channels, you would be shocked to see the volume of despicable and fraudulent content. The digital channels are even worse, mallams, pastors, priests/priestesses, spiritualists etc., conjuring money. But it’s not just TV stations, radio is equally being used to promote such deceitful deviance in our society.

“On both TV and radio, these so-called money conjurers speak about how easy they can make people rich, they display their contact numbers and provide directions to their locations,” Dr Apaak stated.

He called on the NMC and NCA to sit up.

“These public institutions have obligations to society, including protecting our children from unwholesome, deceitful, fraudulent, deviant and dangerous content. They have the power to ensure that our radio and TV stations don’t allow or air foul, fraudulent, despicable and deceitful content. The time is now, NMC and NCA act!” he added.


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