Metro Mass workers threaten to sue government over unpaid salaries
Metro Mass Transport

The mother union of Metro Mass Transit Limited, the General Transport Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union of TUC Ghana has threatened to take legal action against the government to demand salaries owed its members.

According to the union, the government has refused to heed to its calls days after employees of Metro Mass Transit Limited embarked on a sit-down strike but called it off.

The General Secretary of the union, Fuseini Iddrisu said they are exploring legal options available to ensure that the government is made to pay the amount.

He told Citi News that staff of Metro Mass Transit are readying to lay down their tools to further press home their demand for the unpaid salaries after the agreed grace-period expired.

“We are a noble union; we know the labour laws of this country. The laws of labour in this country give room for action that will be taken that can become legal actions. Definitely we will go through the process and make sure that we use legal means to address our issues the workers are threatening to lay down their tools because yesterday was the end of the 5-day period,” Fuseini Iddrisu said.

Workers of Metro Mass Transit Limited have in the last few months embarked on various protests to impress upon their employers to pay them their salaries that are in arrears.

In most instances, the protests are called off after negotiations and assurances that they will soon be paid.

Last week, the General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union of TUC (Ghana) directed the workers to call off their strike a successful meeting they had with the leadership of the company where they were given assurances that the striking workers will be paid.

The National Secretariat of the union in its directive said it was convinced that the salaries in arrears would be paid by the government after meeting with management.

The Union, thus directed that “The industrial action should be suspended immediately until further notice. The salaries in arrears should be paid by Monday 13th July 2020.”

“If by the 13th July 2020, the salaries in arrears are not paid, the National Secretariat of the Union will get back to the workers through the Divisional Union Executives with further directives,” portions of the letter read.

Commuters in major cities were left stranded on July 3, 2020, as the strike was in force.

The staff had earlier said they had not been paid salaries for May and June 2020 after taking half salaries for April.

They vowed to continue their strike until they are paid what is owed them.



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