National Democratic Congress (NDC) is bent on enforcing the relief three (3) against the Electoral Commission (EC) as same was granted in part and that part tilt to their side of the ruling.

The Former Attorney General, Dominic Ayine, speaking on news file stated that relief three (3) would be enforced and that they are judgment creditors and therefore would serve an Entry of Judgment on the EC for old electoral identity cards must be accepted.

Relief 3 stated that:

“A declaration that upon a true and proper interpretation of the provision of the Constitution, particularly article 42, upon the registration of and issuance of a voter identification card to a person, the person has an accrued right to vote which cannot be divested in an arbitrary and capricious manner”.

The Supreme Court, however, appeared to have granted in part when in the summary of their ruling, it was stated, thus:

This relief is granted subject to the Voter Registration card issued to an eligible voter under the prevailing constitutional Instrument C. I. 126

By this, the argument of Mr Ayine is that the accrued right which cannot be divested in an arbitrary and capricious manner cannot be the future one but present. Hence to the understanding of the NDC, the court granted their request for the use of the old electoral cards as that was done by the EC as an institution.

He continued by suggesting that it is of this basis that they advised the General Secretary of NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah to address the press.

Asked why the flagbearer of NDC is encouraging people to go and register with their passport and National Identification card (NIAC), Mr Ayine said, there is the side of politics and the law. The Former President is doing politics and they as Lawyers are also doing Law.

The program also had Joseph Dindiok kpemka, the Deputy Attorney General thinks otherwise. Mr Kpemka thinks, the summary Ruling is clear and unambiguous. He further stated that the Supreme Court granted the relief of the accrued right. However, that accrued right was subjected to the current C.I 126. Therefore, it is only passport and NIAC that can used to register.

The controversy still of the summary Ruling continues. There would be an update on this matter anytime there is a new twist.



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