Dr Benjamin Kumbuor

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) must focus its efforts at ensuring that the party machinery is strong rather than spending time clamouring for a flag bearer, former Defence Minister Dr Benjamin Kumbuor has said.

“Look for succession machinery and institution; one that will endure and be sustainable over the times. As comrade Dan Abodakpi has said, you can put any rider on that horse and the horse will win”.

“When you start by closing any form of conversation and let it look like the real problem for NDC today is a conversation about succession and flagbearship, you are committing a serious political blunder because by the time you get that successor or that individual in place; he is going to be riding a weak and tired and sick horse,” Dr Kumbuor argued at an open forum on Saturday, 17 April 2021, on the theme: ‘Securing the Future of the NDC’

“Who says succession in NDC is a political problem? It is not because we have a number of mechanisms for electing our leaders. Yes, it might have its own weaknesses but that system exists. It only needs to be improved. So, why is that a problem?” he noted.

“But we do not have structures and systems for dealing with internal party democracy, dealing with party cohesion and dealing with keeping to its committed values. That is where we have the challenge and those are the issues around which any conversation should take place,” the former Nandom MP observed.

At the same forum, a former Tema Central parliamentary candidate of the party, Ms Ebi Bright, said “one of the few things that I envy about the NPP [New Patriotic Party] is their loyalty to their direction”.

According to her, “they [NPP] don’t make it about the individuals”, adding: “They don’t have to like me, they are looking for what I bring to the table for the advancement of the common good.”

The former actress urged the NDC to strive to become “the alternative” party for Ghanaians.


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