An Accra Circuit Court on Thursday sentenced three robbers who were traced through a phone tracker, to twenty years imprisonment each in hard labour on two charges of conspiracy and robbery.

The phone was among other items robbed from the complainant and his family at Soldier bar near Madina, in Accra.

Richard Larbi, 24, alias “El-Chapo,” Joseph Avorgah, 22, alias “Weezy” and Stanley Kwabena, 23, alias David all pleaded guilty to conspiracy and robbery.

Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Victor Dosoo told the Court presided over by Mrs Afia Agbanu that Larbi is a trader whilst Avorgah is unemployed and Kwabena a disc jockey.

The sentences are to run concurrently on each of the charges.

He said Wilson Awu, the complainant is a businessman whiles the convicts live across Accra.

Chief Inspector Dosoo said, on June 28, 2018, at about 1700 hours the three robbers invaded Awu’s house and stole an I-phone valued GH¢2,500.00, and another phone valued GH¢300.00.

He said the other items taken by the robbers included a P5-3 valued GH¢100.00, MPS player valued GH¢150.00, a Tablet valued GH¢800.00, one Vision mobile phone valued GH¢600.00, a Boutel phone valued GH¢400.00, Itel Tablet valued GH¢800.00, Camera valued GH¢500.00, three wrist watches valued GH¢360.00, one Busy Wi-fi valued GH¢400.00, a Surfline Wi-fi valued at GH¢400.00 and seven pen-drives valued GH¢300.00.

Chief Inspector Dosoo named the rest of the items as a Vodafone modem valued GH¢150.00, one HTC mobile phone valued GH¢300.00, a Battle mobile phone valued GH¢300.00, assorted perfumes valued GH¢500.00, two laptop computers valued GH¢2,000.00, a travelling bag valued GH¢200.00, two school bags valued GH¢300.00, three wedding rings valued GH¢2,000,00 and a cash of GH¢3,000.00.

The prosecution said that a report was made to the police and following the direction of the tracker on one of the phones, the Police were led to Soldier bar at Madina, where the three robbers were identified by the complainant and arrested.

The Prosecution said a search on them revealed a blue-black bag containing some of the stolen items.


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