A small egg crate will now sell at GH¢30, the medium size and unsorted crate will go for GH¢32 , a cedi more will be needed to get the Large size egg crate and the Extra Large egg crate will be sold at GH¢34.

In an interview with GHOne Business’ Emmanuel Agyabeng, General Secretary of the Association Fred Damoah said they have had to increase their prices due to the high cost of feed.

“The Prices of Our Ingredients have been shooting up for the past two years and we were not able to do much about it. Looking at the rate at which poultry farms are closing down now and how prices are skyrocketing, we are getting increments in the cost of feed. We had to come together, have a single voice and then set a uniform price ”, he explained.

Attached is a graphical representation of the changes in input cost

Meanwhile, the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers (GNAPF) says considering the current challenges confronting the industry, it’s also increasing the price of egg. For both associations, the Starting price is GH¢30 and ends at GH¢34 for a crate of eggs.


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