Head of Corporate Communications at the PURC, Ali Simon Jarana, speaking to Francis Abban on State of Affairs revealed that the move forms part of plans to improve the regulatory regime of utility providers.

According to him, the performance index, set to be published quarterly will expose utility providers who are shortchanging customers.  

“Another important thing we are embarking on this year is that, we are going to look at the publication of the Ghana Utility Performance Index. This performance index is going to be looking at key indicators so that after every three months, we publish it to name and shame the utility service providers that are not living up to expectation”, he said.

Meanwhile, Policy analyst, Dr. Steve Manteaw says under no circumstances should the utility companies pass on their inefficiencies to consumers. Dr. Manteaw has advised the utility companies to provide numbers that the public can call in to report thefts and other leakages in the system. Read more.


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