The Tanzanian government has issued detailed new guidelines for schools, colleges and other educational institutions as they fully reopen on Monday.

Among the guidelines is that pupils below the age of eight and those with respiratory conditions such as asthma, heart and sickle cell should not wear masks.

The health minister Ummy Mwalimu said if a student falls ill or has difficulty breathing they should avoid crowded areas, remove their mask to get fresh air and seek help.

She told school administrators to ensure that the students do not wear masks during physical exercises, such as running and other games.

The minister said schools need to be cleaned and have hand-washing facilities at strategic locations, and students should not be asked to carry sanitisers to schools.

The minister told parents to give their children face masks, and report any coronavirus symptoms to the authorities for testing.

School bus owners were told to give sanitisers to students before they board and public transport operators told to follow the guidelines given to them.

The minister told regional health experts to carry out regular inspections in their respective areas to ensure that Covid-19 prevention protocols are followed during classes.


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