Secessionist flag

There is a brewing tale that appears to have drawn itself into the fold of our Ewe brethren, an ethnic group that prides itself with not only such rich historical events but with a mass spectrum of resources that the entire Ghana can depend on nonetheless, the Ewes are known for their hospitable
conduct towards strangers, however, this brewing tale that has found a deep seated reception in the corridors of the hearts and minds of some of our Ewe brethren is quite alarming especially when the emergence of Western Togoland’s activities has become a growing worry for the security and stability of Ghana in the buildup to the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections slated to come off on December 7, 2020.

This brewing tale has not only sparked the hearts of these energetic and gullible young men in engaging in heinous acts deemed treasonable under the criminal jurisprudence of Ghana after this bullish and prevaricated history was released by the Homeland Study Group Foundation led by Mr.
Charles Kudzordzi also known as Papavi Hogbedetor but also fronting acts that appear to promote divisiveness and to adulterate the history laid by its gallant torchbearers. Some of which include beliefs and inclinations that suggest that the Ewes entirely belong to the Western Togoland albeit,
the desire is fronted on the basis of the wide held belief that Western Togoland is not part of Ghana to have two demarcations per the 1956 Plebiscite within a time frame of fifty years to grant independence to the region after its elapse but whilst facts are available to dish out this prevaricated history and mischief, this piece intends to take the revolvers of the history of Western Togoland on a clean onslaught.




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